The Maine Connection Volume III

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Maine Connection 3 Cover.jpg

The Maine Connection Volume III


By Norman Snowden

This is a follow up to The Maine Connection Volume Two by Norman Snowden, making three in a total of four books. His aim is to keep alive the memories of the island residents and their lifestyles. 

Norman Snowden was born in Stonington, Maine, and lived in the Sunset area of Deer Isle, Maine. He left the island in 1962 for employment on a yacht in New York. He returned home for a short while before he was inducted into the Army. He was honorably discharged at Fort Belvoir, Virginia, in 1967. 
He later made a career working for Civil Service in Virginia. He met and married Betty Jane Hypes and settled in Gloucester, Virginia. He has two children, Pauline and Martin, and four grandchildren. He writes a column in a local Virginia paper and shares his poetry with Island Ad-Vantages (Stonington, Maine) and The Gloucester Gazette (Virginia). 

Norman said he has received much positive feedback from his first books and hopes that the subsequent volumes will be as well received.

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The Maine Connection Volume III

By Norman Snowden

More than 80 poems of Snowden's recollections of growing up in the island of Deer Isle, Maine.

Managed and Produced by Penobscot Books, a division of Penobscot Bay Press Inc.

Printer: 360 Digital Books, Kalamazoo, Michigan

Publish Date: 2013

Edition: First

Features: Snowden's own photographs.

Dimensions: 6”x9”x0.5"

Pages: 152

ISBN: 978-0-941238-12-0

Lib. of Congress No.: 2008943483

Genre: Non-fiction, poetry