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Salt Water Town–Tales from Castine, Maine


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Salt Water Town–Tales from Castine, Maine

Salt Water Town front cover.jpg
Salt Water Town front cover.jpg

Salt Water Town–Tales from Castine, Maine


By Donald A. Small

“Dick pulled the flaps of his hat down over his ears, fastened all the buttons on his winter coat, and pulled on the wool mittens that Mom had made just last week.”

Enjoy a journey back to a simpler time to the coastal Maine town of Castine where people go about their daily lives facing challenges and celebrating joys—just as we do today. Donald Small’s tales are full of salty, down-to-earth characters, some real, some fictional, circa 1950. Some of his short stories are based on events related to him by the people who lived in Castine at the time; some are from his own experience; some pure fiction. They all describe a way of life that no longer exists here, but Don notes that they should not be viewed nostalgically, longing for the return to a simpler life.

The book contains numerous historical photos of Castine.

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About the author:
Donald Small spent his childhood in Castine where he attended the local grammar school and filled his summers with excursions into Witherle Woods, swimming at the Back Shore and salt water pool, caddying and learning to play golf, riding his bicycle, mowing neighbors’ lawns, and camping on islands in the Bagaduce River. It was a time when children over the age of about six years were allowed, even expected, to fend for themselves on any day they were not in school. Apparently the modern term for allowing this heady freedom is “free-ranging” and is frowned on by some, but in 1950 it was the norm.

Small attended Castine High School, graduating in 1956, one of five in that year’s class. The small number of students in the school meant that all had to participate in most activities. There were boys basketball and baseball teams, so he played those sports (not very well, though). He sang in the school chorus, performed in theater productions, and participated in student council. His English teacher encouraged him to write, and he won a state essay contest, but did not continue with a writing career.

He attended the University of Maine and spent six years attempting to learn something of engineering. Following graduate school he worked in industry doing research and developing new equipment. He lived in several locations around the United States and Canada, but eventually returned to Castine where he enjoyed teaching engineering courses at Maine Maritime Academy for thirty years before retirement.

Donald lives in Castine with his wife, Shelley, also a retired teacher. Two daughters and their families, including grandchildren, live in nearby towns. He volunteers with several local organizations. Other activities, in addition to writing, include woodworking, music, travel, boating, walking, golf, and entertaining the family dog.

Publisher: Penobscot books, a Division of Penobscot Bay Press, Inc.
Printer: 360 Digital Books, a division of Whitlock Business Systems, Inc., Madison Heights, Mich.
Publish Date: 2016
Edition: First
Features: Numerous historical photos of Castine.
Dimensions: 6” x 9”
Pages: 190
ISBN: 978-0-941238-23-6
Genre: History/biography
Price: $23.95