Castine DVD

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Castine DVD


Some of the individual pieces include reminiscences by hometowners Kenny Eaton and Don Colson; "What is an elm?" with Al Bagot; a fable as told by Justin Cooper; "The Bagaduce River" with Karen Francoeur and more!         

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Castine, Maine, is one of the oldest communities in North America. Now it is the subject of Maine video number eight from the team of John Gfroerer, Lisa Brown and Ned Lightner. 

Producer: Accompany

Music: Paul Sullivan, Robin Spielberg, Glenn Jenks, Julianne Gardner, Rod Miller & Bob McQuillan, Theodore Lettvin, and Mathias Reed

Runtime: 58 minutes

Format: DVD

Region: Region Free

Sound: Stereo

Language(s): English

Captioning: None

Genre: Documentary